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One of the perks of planning a wedding would be the deals that save you money. The same goes for elopements; saving money makes the planning process so much more enjoyable.

But where would go to find deals? Well, you could spend hours scanning the inter-web for money saving opportunities that may or may not be going on when you need them. OR you could visit wedding deal heaven, Last Minute Wed.


From photographers to planners and everything in between, Last Minute Wed‘s sole purpose is to help couples find the best wedding deals without having to scour the internet. This beautiful site makes it easy to see what deals are available and where.

With locations like New York, Miami, and (my home town) San Diego, Last Minute Wed is helping couples across the country save money on their (little) big day. To add to the awesome, more locations and vendors are being added all the time, giving couples more chances to save money.

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What We Love:
Convenience and saving money are two things that go hand in hand, regardless of how big your big day is. Last Minute Wed does both, effortlessly. Saving money is always a plus, but when it’s easy to do, that’s the real deal.

And these are legit deals to! Saving up 30% with some vendors and there are even custom deals! So much money saving goodness to go around!


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