3 Fun and Unique Ways to Announce Your Elopement

A question I often get from couples is “how do we go about announcing our elopement”. And, more often than not, I will suggest the “traditional” elopement announcements.

But what about the non-traditional?

If you are looking for something a little different here are 3 unique ways to announce your elopement!

1. Social Media

3 Fun and Unique Ways to Announce Your Elopement

If you want to get the word out asap, places like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are here for you! With a super cute selfie or a ring shot and a few choice words, the farthest corners of your friends list will hear the wonderful news! And it’s Free!

2. Create A Website

3 Fun and Unique Ways to Announce Your Elopement

If you want something a little bit more on the fancy side, consider building your own website. This option is a great way to show off photos and you have more space to give details about your special day. Not tech savvy? That’s fine! Places like WordPress and Squarespace make creating your own site really easy. And once it’s up and running you can share your site with any and everyone.

Something to keep in mind when going whit this option; while there are free options when building a personal webpage, if you really want to personalize it, you should expect to spend some money.

3. A Surprise Screening

This is one of my favorites: surprising loved ones by showing your elopement video. Allison and Brock did this for their family and, OMG, it is beautiful.

This can be a very intimate option, showing only a few people during a private dinner or for movie night at home. But this option also works well with having your own personal website.

The sky is the limit when it comes to announcing your elopement. Whether you want to share with the masses or keep the news close to home, there are many different choices for out there for you!

A Special Thanks To:
My South Sound Wedding // Instagram Photography
Squarespace // Aubrey Template
Monawar Studios // Allison and Brock’s Family Reaction Film


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