4 Popular Wedding Flower Colors That Suit Well in Spring

From Guest Blogger, Daniel Clark:
Spring is all about colors! Marrying in spring is too much joyous, it is the most beautiful time of the year. There are so many flowers species available in this season. Meanwhile, it is also preferable for those who suffer economically. You can easily access your desired blooms in this season. That’s why Spring is a perfect season for you to plan your wedding.


Flowers are the main attraction in any wedding. There are some most demanded wedding flower colors such as purple, blue, and pink which are the primary choice of a bride. Some florists offer flowers with different shades to create adorable flower pieces, bouquets, floral arrangements, boutonnières etc. Search Moyses Stevens Wedding Flowers Online on a browser to order the flowers online. They furnish the best floral delivery on right time with desired color categories. Most colors used in a wedding are, as discussed:

Purple is a new charm : Purple color flowers indicate elegance and grace. Sometimes, dark purple color creates fascination while a bride grabs it with white color attire. But if you want to décor wedding by using purple colored flowers, don’t go with dark purple color. For a wedding decoration, light shade flowers are more preferable; such as lavender, orchid, amethyst etc. Really! The combination of purple with white or light pink can generate charm in the atmosphere.

Stunning Blue : The proper indication of calmness comes from blue. Apparently, the color resembles ocean and sky. Different shades of blue can make the atmosphere cool and calm. Ideal planning place for blue color decoration is a beach. You can surely select desired attire from royal blue to turquoise. Well-known blue flowers are cornflowers, irises, forget-me-not, and delphinium. Choose any suitable shade for your wedding décor.

Modest Aqua : color suggests clarity and freshness. Its modesty evokes a deliberate and mindful tranquility. Florists suggest the modern combination of aqua, cherry red and khaki which is best and attractive for a spring wedding. Aqua with white daisies are more seen in weddings. You can include blue lilies to give the wedding, a modern aqua touch. It’s a new trend. Try it.

Romantic pink shades : Pink flowers manifest innocence and friskiness. The color is said to be one of the most romantic colors among the entire categories. Various shades indicate different emotions. Like, red are seen as deep and intense, while white and pink are more energetic and playful which will spread romance in the atmosphere. Corals become a popular color for a spring wedding. Magenta is also a top listing for marriages. If you want a lighter shade, go for blush and watermelon shade. The metaphor of pink color flowers are peonies, cherry blossoms, blush peonies and pink ranunculus. Select these romantic combination.

Indeed, seasonal flowers can be more expensive if you purchase in very beginning. To sort this, you can switch over to other available flowers which are available all year round with preferable amount. So your money problems also gets solved. While keeping your budget in mind, you can choose roses, calla lilies and daisies for the wedding which are available all the year in vast amount. You can choose same colors or demand for different shades to create decent decorations on your fairytale day.

Lastly, an inclusion of certain colors in a wedding can make the surrounding joyous. Mentioned colors are trendy to use for weddings. Besides, they add up romance and royal look especially in spring wedding. But combination matters the most; if you mismatch the flower colors, it may create dull attire or ugly flower arrangements. Choose different shades with light tone. Happy spring wedding!


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