7 Reasons To Have Bridal Portraits Done Before (or After) You Elope

King_Day_Cassandra_Farley_Photography_Bridals4679_low*Sigh*… Bridal Portraits. A southern tradition that is absolutely wonderful!

What are “Bridal Portraits”, you ask? Well, a week or two before the wedding, a bride will be will get all dolled up in her wedding-best and have her to have her picture taken. This is normally when all of the detailed photos of the bride and her gown are taken.

Over the years, these portrait sessions have changed a bit; including things like beautiful locations and even the groom!

So, why should eloping couples take advantage of this fun (and functional) tradition? Well, Instead of one reason, we’ve got SEVEN. But First, a small suggestion: instead of having the bridal session before you elope, schedule it after.

Seven Reasons To Have a Bridal Portrait Session:

It’s not that eloping is time consuming, but when most couples books a photographer for their elopement it’s only for a couple of hours. A bridal portrait session would give couples a chance to spend more time in front of the camera.


Now that you have more time with your photographer, that means you can visit more than one or two locations. Depending on whether or not you want a formal or informal portrait session, the sky is the limit when it comes to your location choices.

Glam It Up
Because most couples are keeping things as simple as possible, brides will opt to do their own hair and make up. A Bridal portrait session would allow a bride (and even the groom) to go full glam!


If you weren’t able to work with your favorite photographer on the day of your elopement, this is the perfect opportunity to make up for that.

Saving Up
Budgets are important and maybe a photographer just wasn’t in the cards at the time you eloped, but having a bridal portrait session after, will give you time to save.


Not having to worry about being in several places in a short amount of time will give you a chance to relax and enjoy your time in front of the camera.

Wear It Again
That’s right! If you book a bridal portrait session you will get to wear that beautiful outfit all over again!

Bridal Portraits are a fun way to add to the memories of your elopement! What do you think about portrait sessions? Would you have one?

Photography by Cassandra Farley | Jenny+Austin


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