An Adventurous Craggy Gardens Elopement | Julia+Blaire


Craggy Gardens is such a beautiful place! But when you add the warmhearted and adventure-loving cuteness of Julia and Blaire, you have an elopement that is so enchanting!

From Julia:

So Blaire and I met on a BudLight party cruise in December 2010. The only way on the boat was to win a ticket! My best friend won and was able to bring one guest, so she decided to bring me, we almost missed our early morning flight and made it just as the plane was boarding! Out of the 5,000 people in total on both boats, and the excursions available to all, Blaire and I kept bumping into each other! First we met met at the hot tub where my best friend and I couldn’t be pulled out of lol. And then Blaire’s friend Danny approached us and started talking to us later that night at one of the bars. We spent a whole day together at the Nelly concert on Coco Key. Danced for hours at Senor Frogs… Finally, the craziest part of fate, there were about 25 coach buses waiting to bring everyone back to the airport… Huge lines at the door of them all to get on, we pick one randomly, two seats left for my friend and I, right in front of Blaire and Danny. Crazy stuff. 🙂 We got engaged 2 years later in Charlotte in our first apartment together. We fell upon Craggy Gardens on a little trip up the blue Ridge Parkway and thought it would be cool to get married there!

What We Love: The Hiking Boots.

The kinking boots are a great touch! They’re fun and fictional!

Tips: Dress Accordingly!

Make sure to not only plan your look around your own personal style but also plan it around your elopement location.

A Special Thanks To:
Meghan Rolfe // Elopement-Friendly Vendor and Photographer
Rev. Kathy Jennings // Officiant

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