An “Out of the Box” Style Shoot


One of the most “a little bit country, a whole lot of rock n’ roll” , fashion forward, down for anything as long as it’s wild and crazy place in the U.S. is, without a doubt, Austin, Texas. So it’s no surprise that, when it comes to elopements, Austin’s true nature shines through!

There is so much inspiration to be found in Austin. Uptown Events & Travel has sculpted a styled shoot that captures the fabulous nature of being a young and adventurous couple in love.

Using the elements of travel and simplicity, Uptown Events & Travel, along with other talented vendors, has put together a fun and light style shoot that satisfies every travel-loving couples, wonderlust!

From Uptown Events & Travel:

This shoot had four different locations- the tarmac, the campfire, the country road and the chapel they eloped in front of. We wanted to bring something different to Austin and show the beauty and excitement that surrounds an elopement style wedding. We wanted to encourage brides who wanted to think out the box and go less “traditional” for their bridal look and wedding day.

A special thanks to Uptown Events & TravelAzulOx Photography, Cute Cake Lady, Malleret Designs, Unbridaled, Revelry Beauty and Austin Biplane for putting together such a gorgeous style shoot!

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