A Classic Boston Elopement | Sophia+Jesse


Sophia and Jesse came to me through mutual friends and we connected the week before they tied the knot at City Hall in Boston. Sophia is originally from China, Jesse grew up in Boston, and they met while doing their graduate degrees in system engineering at Northeastern University.

Their lives were in fast forward mode as they not only wanted to get married in front of family and celebrate with local friends, but they were in the process of uprooting their life in Boston to drive cross country to Los Angeles, where Jesse had just accepted a new job. When our friends asked them about photos of their wedding, they realized that was the last thing they had thought about, which is where I came in – and was thrilled to help them out!

The morning of their ceremony at Boston City Hall was a snowstorm that was big enough to close most of the offices and almost prevent his best friend from showing up! But that didn’t phase them and really just added to the photos we took outside. They are the perfect classic couple and their photos just transport us somewhere to the 1940’s. Sophia’s family Skyped in from China to witness their daughter’s wedding which gave it a 21st Century twist.

The other part of their elopement celebration came two weeks later, when friends joined them to wish them the best at one of their favorite Chinatown restaurants. We met up before the dinner to walk around the neighborhood and to take some photos of the newlyweds.

Liz McEachern Hall

What We Loved:
Skpying loved ones, a “day after” photo shoot, and party to celebrate for friends and family! Love It!

Snow is beautiful, but when you’re tying to tie the knot and it’s snowing hard enough to shut everything down, it’s not so beautiful anymore. So, to keep from being snowed in on your big day, talk to your vendors. No one knows the weather like the locals; asking them what to expect with the weather beforehand will help you prepare a plan B.

A Special Thanks To:
Liz McEachern Hall of Three Twelve Photography // Photographer and Guest Blogger
Boston City Hall // Ceremony Venue

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