Don’t Forget the Honeymoon! ft. Honeymoon Trippers

Honeymoons are important. Whether you honeymoon right after you tie the knot or some time later, honeymooning is the icing on the matrimonial cake!

But you’re eloping and you may be wondering how to incorporate a honeymoon into the grand scheme of things or wondering if you can have a honeymoon at all.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can and should totally honeymoon!

I am also here to show you how to incorporate a magical honeymoon. Plus, introduce you to Honeymoon Trippers and their amazing site that makes honeymooning a whole lot easier!

Destination Elopements
The easiest way to elope and honeymoon at the same time is a destination elopement. Taking a trip to a bnb or to some place halfway around the world makes for the perfect opportunity for both events to be one in the same! And don’t be afraid to take a few extra days… It’s your honeymoon!

Elope Locally, Honeymoon Away
Head to the courthouse, rooftop, or park a day or two (or maybe an hour) before you make your way to the airport. Taking off for your honeymoon after you have eloped is a another way to bring the two together.

Honeymoon Later
Don’t let the “later” get you down. Just like throwing a party at a later date to celebrate, do the same for your honeymoon! Waiting also gives you the chance to save or set up a honeymoon registry!

Honeymoon Registry

A honeymoon registry is like a wedding registry, but instead of getting gifts, family and friends can “gift” (give money) towards a couples honeymoon.1200x1200_1456694320-f54933e6c5b9d33f-HT-Completo Honeymoon Trippers is a honeymoon registry… And they’re awesome! Giving you free accesses to site building tools to create your own customizable page, Honeymoon Trippers makes registries and honeymooning soooooo much more enjoyable!

Now that you have the tips (from me) and the tools (from Honeymoon Trippers), go and create the elopement AND HONEYMOON of your dreams!

If you could honeymoon anywhere in the world where would it be? What is something you want to see or do while on your honeymoon?
Share your thoughts in the comment box below or with Simply Elope and Honeymoon Trippers on Twitter using the hash tag #simplyhoneymooning!


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