An Intimate Elopement in Old Louisville | Amanda+Dave

Sometimes, all I need make me happy is to see a happy families being… well… happy! And lots of pretty colors, lol!

From We Choose the Moon Photography:

Amanda & David both work in nonprofit and met while working for the same organization.They were friends 5 years before deciding to start a relationship but it was clear from the beginning they’d found their true life partner. Amanda & David found me (the photographer) by a recommendation they got from reddit (and was also a client of mine). But, oddly enough, not 1 week prior to Amanda contacting me, I photographed a wedding David was a groomsmen in (of a totally different client from the one who recommended me).

I suppose love was in the air at that wedding because 2 weeks later, Amanda, David, Hazel, Margot (Amanda daughters) & myself are all at St. James Fountain in Old Louisville doing a wedding! The elopement was an extremely small affair. With only two weeks between the proposal and the wedding day, they didn’t have much time to plan; but they did want to make sure it was a very special day. They chose a location that had meaning to them and Amanda asked her friend to officiate. Her two daughters were the witnesses, maid of honor & best girl; and that was the full guest list. While the focus was on Amanda and David, it was important to them the ceremony highlight the joining of a family. In addition to the vows and rings, they also made vows to Hazel & Margot and presented them with some jewelry of their own, necklaces. After all was said and done, the family went out for coffee and doughnuts.

What We Love: The Sunflowers and Amanda’s Dress
They fits so well together and both elements give off such a warm and sunny vibe! Perfection.

A Special Thanks To:
We Choose the Moon Photography // Photographer
Nance Floral Shoppe // Floral Design


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