Simply Elope is a blog and community platform that is here to help inspire couples that are thinking about or actively planning their elopement.

Sadly, no.

But Simply Elope’s Elopement-Friendly Vendor Guide is a great place to start looking for an elopement package that is perfect for you!

For Photographers, Planners and Other Vendors:

You can send an email to hello@simplyelope.com with the following:

  • Date of Event
  • Event Location
  • A 100 min. blurb about the event
  • A detailed list of ALL of the vendors involved in the event (including your own info)
  • A minimum of 50 watermark-free photos
    • These photos can be sent via a Dropbox link, file transfer (i.e. WeTransfer) or a regular ol’ zip file attached to your email
  • And most importantly, the permission of the couple!

Because privacy is a big deal here, sharing the names of the couple is totally optional!

Simply Elope also accepts submissions on Two Bright Light.

Make sure to read the Submissions page for more details.

For The Couples:

You can send and email with the Who, What, Where, When and Why and your favorite photos to hello@simplyelope.com.

Just make sure that you read the True Romance Submissions before submitting.

1. a term of endearment describing the followers of Simply Elope.
2. a warmhearted person with a love for all things elopement.
3. a muffin made with love.

If you love the blog then you are already a Love-Muffin! But if you want to join the community all you have to do is Register.

Send and email to hello@simplyelope.com with the link to the feature, asap!

The feature will be taken down right away and deleted from all social media sites right away.

Just so you know, it might take some time for the features link and photos to disappear for search engines.

Still have questions? We're all ears!



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