From Inspiration To Elopement | Why Styled Shoots are “Made” for Elopements

I know we have all seen (and feel madly in love with) the wedding styled shoots that pop up all over the net. Simply Elope has featured several stunning Styled Shoot, but why? This is an elopement blog, right? RIGHT! And Styled Shoots are perfect examples of how fabulous they can be!

First, what is a Styled Shoot?
Styled Shoots are a way for vendors in the wedding industry to show off their awesome skills while giving a visual example of what a particular wedding can be… It’s like a bite size wedding simple!
A perfect example of this bite sized wedding sample is the gorgeous Little River Canyon Styled Shoot put together by Kathleen Bernal Events and an awesome team of vendors.


What’s in a Styled Shoot?
Most Styled Shoots consist of:
A Location
A Couple (Dressed to Impress)
Intimate Details (Jewelry, Stationary, and so on)
And Dessert! Everything an elopement needs! 😉

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The Little River Canyon Styled Shoot has everything a good Styled Shoot needs.

Now, what does this have to do with elopements?
Styled Shoots are scaled perfectly for eloping couples. Everything from the ceremony to the reception has been scaled down to “elopement size”.
No matter how grand the Styled Shoot is, it is almost always built for two!
When couples ask how they can have the most “wedding” elopement possible, I direct them to Styled Shoots. Styled Shoots are everything “wedding” without the actual wedding.

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A Special Thanks to Kathleen Bernal Events (Event Planning), White Rabbit Studios (Film Photography), Simpson’s Florist, Miss Haley Paige found at White Dresses Boutique, Hamley Bake Shoppe (Cake), Ashley, the Fabulous (Hair), Angelina Sutterer, MUA (Make-up), Linen & Leaf (Stationary and Calligraphy), Decorous Dishes (China Rentals), Silk & Willow (Ribbons), Onyx Model Management (Models)!

If you could choose a Styled Shoot for your elopement, which one would it be? Share you answers in the comment section below!


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