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From Peach Perfect Weddings:
Kari & Steven decided to get married on the anniversary of their third year together! They began planning a wedding at home in Tennessee but soon decided they would rather combine it with a long awaited trip to Ireland. Kari originally contacted me with the hope of having a ceremony on the Cliffs of Moher, but luckily I talked her out of standing on the edge of a cliff in the middle of January with gale force winds sweeping the Irish coastline at the time!

So instead they had the most gorgeous private castle ceremony in Dingle! Sitting prominently on a hill overlooking a gorgeous little bay with views across the Irish Sea with a natural storm beach by it’s side. The castle stands on private property and is literally part of somebody’s (very large!) back garden. For this reason, the owner has requested that the castle’s name and location remain undisclosed. Having grown up in Co. Kerry myself, I’ve passed this castle a few times as a child on leisurely Sunday drives. When helping Kari & Steven choose a location for heir wedding ceremony, this place just spring to mind and it was perfect.

With the wedding due to take place in the heart of winter, cold and rain were almost guaranteed. But that didn’t phase them one bit! Kari armed herself with a beautiful cobalt blue peacoat, put on her leggings and matching blue Bean Boots under her dress and off she went up a muddy hill to meet her prince! Despite the fact that it rained cats and dogs for almost two weeks before the wedding day as well as on the drive up, as soon as Kari and Steven got to the castle, the clouds opened up and the bright sun shone down on them – it was like something out of a movie!

Even though Kari & Steven were happy to have an intimate wedding for just the two of them, they decided the moment had to be shared live with friends and family at home. So Steven set up a live broadcast camera inside the castle and that made it even more special.

What We Love: Friends and family were still there.
I love the fact that even thought it was just Kari and Steven, their loved ones still got to see them tie the knot through the powers of the internet! <3

Tips: Keeping Them Included
When you want to elope so far off place but you still want include friends and family, livestreaming is a great and often inexpensive way to do that. Click HERE to find out how you can easily livestream your elopement!

A Special Thanks To:
Peach Perfect Weddings // Event Planner
Nerijus Karmilvovas // Photography
International Hotel Killarney // Accommodations
Dara Molloy // Officiant
Eleanor’s Florist Tralee // Floral Design
Laura Lou // Hair and Makeup
Watters Bridal // Bride’s Gown
L.L.Bean // Bride’s Shoes
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  1. Have a blast together on your new journey as husband and wife. Good luck as you gain even more new titles in the future.

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