A Fun Filled Elopement in New Orleans | Sarah+Brendon


With their closest friends and family in toe, Sarah and Brendon say “I do” in a fun filled elopement!

Sarah and Brendon ceremony has a great location (Bourbon St.); the people the love are not only attending but they are also the bridal party. But the most important thing is everyone is having a awesome time and that’s what’s important!

By keeping things simple Sarah and Brendon are able to be the center of attention and make it so their guest are able to fully share in the love and good times!

What We Love: The bride’s shoes!
OMG!!!! Sarah’s shoes are sooooooooo cute and the fit the over all “light and fun” vibe of the ceremony!

Tips: Show a local restaurant some love!
When eloping in a place like Bourbon St. finding a restaurant is as easy as pie! If you’re having a hard time picking a place to share your first meal as a married couple, ask around! If you have guest ALWAYS book a table in advance.

A Special Thanks To:
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