Fun and Photography With Quince and Mulberry Studios

One of the things I love the most about weddings and elopements alike is photography! The world over, there have been so many photographers that are able to capture the most memorable moments in the most beautiful ways. One of those super talented photographers is Kate Taylor! Kate is the talent behind Quince and Mulberry Studios and a familiar face around Simply Elope! You might remember Gemma and Marks gorgeous ceremony (if you don’t remember, click here to view that awesomness)… Well, Quince and Mulberry Studios is behind the stunning photography!

“I love Kate’s work and I want to work with her sooooooo bad, but she’s in Australia and I’m in the U.S.”! I know, I know… It’s tough to really want to work with a photographer only to find out that they live in another part of the world, but I have some awesome news! Quince and Mulberry Studios will be in the U.S. for the month of June, 2016! YAY (throws glitter)!

What, you’re not getting married in June? No worries because Quince and Mulberry Studios will be back! So, if you want Kate to capture all of the precious moments for your June, 2016 elopement and you live in the U.S., stop by and drop Kate a line! She’s super sweet and a pleasure to work with! And if you mention this post you when you book Quince and Mulberry Studios you will get a $500 credit! YAY (throws even more glitter)!

So, get to know the wonderful Kate, book Quince and Mulberry Studios, get gorgeous photos (and a $500 credit), and then submit your photos so I can gush over them!


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