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Meet Stephanie and Dave; pet lovers, outdoor enthusiast, and the awesomeness behind Two Colorado!


Colorado is such a beautiful place, but that’s not the only thing magical about it. What could more magical than Colorado’s gorgeous Rocky Mountains, wide open spaces, and forest? That’s easy! Two Colorado!

Two Colorado in an elopement planning service, run by Stephanie (the photographer) and Dave (the officiant). Located in Southern Colorado, Stephanie and Dave help nature loving couples tie the knot in intimate ceremonies, surrounded by all of the beauty Colorado has to offer.

It’s so heartwarming to know that Two Colorado was started by two people falling in love. That love has carried over and now there is more love in the world because of it, yay!

Beginning in 2012, Stephanie and Dave combined their talents and My Tiny Wedding was born. With Dave officiating and Stephanie working her magic behind the camera, couples from the world over, were able to have intimate ceremonies surrounded by natures splendor.

In 2015 My Tiny Wedding re-located to Colorado and with such a big move came other changes. My Tiny Wedding became Two Colorado and the locations went from “overlooks in this quaint little gorge nestled in southeastern Kentucky” to vast, wide open places, with breathtaking mountain views.

We perform weddings in the area we believe to be the most beautiful place in Colorado. We have spent the past five years traveling to all four corners of this amazing state to find the absolute most beautiful and quaint area for our clients…and the winner is….(drum roll)…the one and only San Luis Valley in the town of Saguache, Colorado.

Two Colorado

Stephanie and Dave are such an awesome and fun-loving couple that, clearly, love what they do. Their dedication to giving couples a magical experience (regardless of how small their big day is) is inspiring.

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