A Intimate Italian Elopement | Colee+TJ


Destinations elopements will always be in style. They are too fabulous not to be a thing! Take Colee and TJ’s destination elopement to Italy; a beautiful couple and a beautiful locations is (elopement) dreams are made of!

This lovely American couple traveled to Venice to elope. TJ’s brother and wife happened to be in Italy at the same time so they came to the wedding as well. They married in a rose garden overlooking the Grand Canal.

Angel Lion Wedding & Events

There is so much to fall in love with in Colee and TJ’s Italian elopement. The bright colors, gorgeous view, not to mention that Colee and TJ look amazing!

If you are looking for romance in afar off places, then look no farther than Cole and TJ’s Intimate Italian Elopement! For more of Colee and TJ’s Italian elopement, make sure to sneak a peek at their Full Gallery!

A Special Thanks To:
Angel Lion Wedding & Events // Planner
Luca Fazzolari // Photography
Fantin Fiori // Flowers
Ca Nigra // Ceremony and Reception
Erica Zebetto // Violinist
Hotel Moresco // Couple’s Accommodations
La Dogaressa // Catering

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