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So Ali & Jared did a truly simple, practical wedding. They decided rather than have a wedding that they were just going to elope at City Hall in Palm Springs, CA.

The intention was to have the wedding on their dating anniversary, but then they found out that the last day The City of Palm Springs would do courthouse weddings would be on January 29th…two weeks before their dating anniversary!
Wanting to get married in the actual city of Palm Springs (there are other close communities that do courthouse weddings) they went ahead and took the date. There idea was to do a wedding photo shoot the day of the wedding at the amazing Parker Hotel, where Jared happens to work.

This way even though they didn’t have guests at their wedding…all their family would be able to enjoy photos from their special day. The Parker in Palm Springs is an amazing mid century modern property in Palm Springs and Ali & Jared were so lucky to have access to this great site! Following their mini wedding photo shoot we headed over to City Hall to make everything official!

They had Jared’s Nana be the only guest, that way they had a witness! This was such an enjoyable day! Ali and Jared were also the lucky ones to be the very last couple married at City Hall in Palm Springs as they are no longer holding ceremonies there!
I think City Hall is pretty lucky to have had Ali and Jared as their final couple! Congratulations you two, thank you for letting us tag along today!


A special thanks to Jim+Kelly Photography for sharing this adorable elopement!

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  1. amanda 2 years ago

    Love this! Pretty much exactly what we are planning ourselves! Any chance I could find out the details on this bride’s dress? I have been looking for a dress like this.


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