An Intimate Seaside Elopement | Erin+Gavin

It is important to remember that there is nothing wrong with making your big day all about you. Ditching the over abundance and making you and the love of your live the center of everything is never a bad idea.

Erin and Gavin are a perfect example of this. They made their day solely about them and ended up with not just a beautiful day, but a lifetime of beautiful memories.

From Caity McCulloch Photography:
Being a part of something so intimate and gentle is incredibly profound and a special gift. The elopement of Erin and Gavin was one for the history books. They had decided a few month ahead that this was the right fit for them. They told their families in advance and were delighted to be given heirloom gold from both sides. With the help of jeweler, Dave Warnock, they designed custom matching rose gold bands. It was an incredibly special gesture and they felt so lucky to have been given such a meaningful gift from their families. This day was about the love and commitment they have for each other more than it was about the wedding itself.

From The Bride:
“It’s not about what we’re wearing or the flowers (or the family that’s not there), it’s really just about us and solidifying our really special bond we have with each other and makin’ it legal. We want it to be really effortless, non-formal and non-traditional in every sense. Just to crazy kids eloping on a beach and being in love.”For good luck, Gavin wore the suit he wore at his brothers wedding. Erin bought her simple blush dress and trench from Club Monaco. Her flowers from Petal and Kettle, were a last minute idea, but pulled the whole day together perfectly.

What We Love: The Support.
It is such a beautiful thing to see so much support coming from both sides of the family.

Tips: Giving Advance Notice.
Don’t be afraid to tell your loved one that you’er plans ahead of time. Pick a day where you go down the list of family and friends and give them a chanced to be evolved from a distance.

A Special Thanks To:
Caity McCulloch // Photographer
Dave Warnock // Custom Ring Designer
Petal & Kettle // Flowers
Tigh-Na-Mara Resort // Reception Venue
Club Monaco // Bride’s Dress


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