An Intimate Wissahicken Trail Elopement | Christina+Larry

On a beautiful summer’s day in Wissahicken Valley Park, Pennsylvania Christina and Larry became husband and wife. Using only their beautiful surrounding as a backdrop, these two Love-Muffins enjoyed a memorable ceremony.

From Lindsay Docherty Photography:

In the grand scheme of all weddings, I don’t think there is anything more romantic than an elopement. No details. Just two people so in love that “wedding” means commitment in its purest and simplest form. Think Romeo & Juliet, William Wallace & Murron, and a slew of celebrity couples.

I originally talked to Christina about her plans for a City Hall wedding but the more I heard of her story with Larry, the clearer the answer was: Christina + Larry + officiant on the 2 year anniversary of the day and place they met while hiking 22 miles down the Wissahickon Valley Trail.

I felt so honored to be there to witness such a tender event as they stood on the bridge on Forbidden Drive and read their vows to one another as a few runners and cyclists passed by. Goosebumps, right?

It was a group excursion of about 15 people who had signed up for the 22 mile hike that day. It was around mile 15 when they met and hit it off. Larry didn’t ask for Christina’s number so she took matters into her own hands and contacted him through some sleuthing and coincidental mutual friends.

They shared their first date a few weeks later at Penns Landing to go out for food which neither ate and stumbled across a concert that neither cared about. It was conversation that carried them.

It was this past April over conversations that they both realized that the idea of marriage is something that should go from the theoretical to the concrete.

And so it was that Christina purchased a dress the week before the wedding and we met for an unforgettable afternoon along a beautiful stretch of nature.

As with all weddings, Christina and Larry left with the only 3 things every couple gets to keep after the day: the pictures, a ring, and a spouse. And because a honeymoon is awesome, they left for a European adventure to Germany and Croatia.

What We Love: Going Back To Where It All Began!
That is such an awesome idea; going back to the place where they met to exchange their vows. *La Sigh* So romantic!

Tips: Knowing When To Keep Things Casual
If you’re the “outdoorsy type” and are planning on eloping along your favorite hiking trail, then remember to keep your attire as comfortable as possible. The same goes for your guest (if you choose to have any. Encourage them to dress down a bit so that they can be comfortable enough to enjoy the experience with you!

A Special Thanks To:
Lindsay Docherty Photography // Photographer
Humbleman Weddings // Officiant


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