A Lovely Eno State Park Elopement | Tori+Marge


Don’t you just love wide open places, “keeping thing simple”, and lots (and lots) of love?! I know I do! Especially when it’s an elopement… Like Tori and Marge’s!

Tori and Marge traveled from Florida to North Carolina’s lovely Eno State Park to elope. With only a photographer and minister, they tied the knot in an intimate, picturesque ceremony beneath a giant tree. From bright shoes to a picnic lunch for two, they planned out every detail perfectly!

Daylight Photography

I love how simple everything is and the SUPER adorable picnic! There is so much to love about this little elopement! Both brides look fantastic! The detail Tori’s dress is mind-blowing and Marge looks completely magical (her curls are perfection)!

If you are looking something simple but inspiring, look no fearther than Tori and Marge’s lovely little elopement in Eno State Park!

Special Thanks To:
Eno River State Park
Ann Taylor | Tori’s dress was a custom design
Gianni Binni | Tori’s shoes were vintage
Etsy | Sundance
The flowers they picked themselves and tied with twine
Parker and Otis | Arrowhead Inn
Daylight Photography

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