The Most “Wedding” Elopement Ever! | 5 Things You Can Do To Get The Most “Wedding” Out of Your Elopement

When couples say they are or want to elope, you would expect them to say as far away from anything that resembles a wedding, right? Well, you might be surprised that most couples that elope try to capture as much of a wedding as they can while still having an elopement.
Now, let’s say that you and your better half are one of these couples (you want your wedding and your elopement too), but you have no clue how to pull it off. DON’T WORRY! Simply Elope has got you covered. With the help of Monique and Michael’s beautiful outdoor intimate wedding, I will show you 5 simple things you can do to that will make your elopement feel like the wedding of your dreams!

Step One: Make Your Day About YOU!

It is important to remember that this is your elopement, so adding details (some small; some not so small) to personalize your overall look is always a good idea. For the sake of this post, let’s just say that you and the love of your life are outdoorsy, and you would love to make that apart of your big day. Choosing to hold your ceremony on the beach, at a park, or in the back yard is the best (and most cost effective) way to get as much of the outdoors as you want!
Monique and Michael picked the perfect location to capture the beauty of nature. From their ceremony they had a gorgeous view of the surrounding greenery and landscape.


Step Two: Dress To Impress!

Elopements are pretty much made up of two things: where your going to get married and what you’re going to have on during the ceremony. And this step is all about what you put on! If nothing else, with give your elopement the wedding wedding feel regardless of where your location is. Go full wedding when picking out what you’re going to wear. Both you and your beloved should go all out for this! Get a nice suite or that ball gown! Have it tailored or altered to fit you perfectly! Don’t settle for piratical just because you’re eloping!

Begin_Michael_Stefanie_Kapra_Photography_StefanieKapraPhoto24_low Begin_Michael_Stefanie_Kapra_Photography_StefanieKapraPhoto31_low Begin_Michael_Stefanie_Kapra_Photography_StefanieKapraPhoto37_low

Step Three: Go Big!

I know, I know… Elopement aren’t supposed to be big, but hear me out. It has become quit popular for eloping brides to carry lavish bouquets, but why not take it one step further? Adding an arch decorated in flowers, a rustic double door, or something as simple a draping fabric over tree branches is a great way to make your elopement ceremony more wedding-like. And add a menu! Plan a mean after your ceremony for you an your love-muffin to enjoy!

Begin_Michael_Stefanie_Kapra_Photography_StefanieKapraPhoto2_lowBegin_Michael_Stefanie_Kapra_Photography_StefanieKapraPhoto16_low Begin_Michael_Stefanie_Kapra_Photography_StefanieKapraPhoto17_low Begin_Michael_Stefanie_Kapra_Photography_StefanieKapraPhoto139_low Begin_Michael_Stefanie_Kapra_Photography_StefanieKapraPhoto142_low

Step Four: A Place For The Lovers To Go!

The Sweethearts table is a perfect addition to any elopement. You can decorate this table for two a lavish as you want and it would still fit perfectly in an elopement. Don’t be afraid to borrow some ideas from actual weddings! Monique and Michael’s reception is perfectly decorated for a fun, relaxing, but still romantic reception. The lace tablecloth, candles, and flowers make a wonderful sweetheart’s table!

Begin_Michael_Stefanie_Kapra_Photography_StefanieKapraPhoto87_low Begin_Michael_Stefanie_Kapra_Photography_StefanieKapraPhoto88_low Begin_Michael_Stefanie_Kapra_Photography_StefanieKapraPhoto114_low

Step Five: Friends and Family!

The one thing that sets elopements and weddings apart are the people. Having the people that make you feel loved should be by your side on your big day. Even if you’re just going to the courthouse don’t be afraid to bring them with you.

Begin_Michael_Stefanie_Kapra_Photography_StefanieKapraPhoto141_low Begin_Michael_Stefanie_Kapra_Photography_StefanieKapraPhoto144_low Begin_Michael_Stefanie_Kapra_Photography_StefanieKapraPhoto145_low

And that’s it! Five easy step to make your elopement the wedding of your dreams!


Photography by Stefanie Kapra


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