A Private Craggy Gardens Elopement | Kinga+Gabor


Hungarian couple Kinga and Gabor elope in a private ceremony over looking the Blue Mountain Ridge Parkway. With just each other, their officiant, and photographer (and witness) Megan, Kinga and Gabor exchanged their vows. There is so much joy and laughter throughout the ceremony. Craggy Gardens is the perfect backdrop for such a beautiful couple.

What We Loved:
Surprises! Kinga surprised Gabor with the news that they were having a baby girl! The looks of complete and utter happiness on there faces adds so much beauty to their simple ceremony.

Hire the locals. If you are planning to elope in a far off (or not so far off) place, hiring the local talent is a great way to get best of the area you eloping in!

A Special Thanks To:
Morning Wild // Photography
Craggy Gardens // Venue

For more on Craggy Gardens and other beautiful locations in North and South Carolina make sure you read Boldly Go!: Romantic Places to Elope in the Carolinas!

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