A Private Snoqualmie Falls Elopement | Brittany+Derek



One of my favorite places in the state of Washington is Snoqualmie Falls. So when an elopement comes my way and Snoqualmie Fall is the backdrop, I can’t help but get all swoony! It is such a magical place; a beautiful waterfall surrounded by the woods… I get the warm and fuzzies just thinking about it!

I can’t began to describe how excited I was to see Brittany and Derek’s super romantic elopement! First, this two are so cute; Brittany looks really elegant and Derek is so dapper. Second, all of the love (that is clearly visible between them) and the beauty of the location… Swoon! Swoon! Swoon!

If you’re looking for romance and the woods (plus, a giant waterfall), Brittany and Derek’s Snoqualmie Falls elopement has it all.

A special thanks to Salish Lodge & Spa any elopement-friendly vendor, Tyler Ray Photography for sharing this magically romantic elopement!

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