A Romantic Italian Elopement | Anna+Rahul

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So excited! One of Simply Elope’s favorite vendors, Italian Wedding Co., is here with another gorgeous elopement!

Anna and Rahul eloped that the Groatta Palazzese in Polignano A Mare, Italy. So, on top of being a dazzling bride and groom, Anna and Rahul got to have one of the most beautiful place in Italy as there elopement venue, lucky!

Surrounded by rock and sea, Anna looks stunning in a full-on ball gown. Rahul looks positively dashing in a classic tux. Everything about this elopement just oozes class and elegance!

Anna and Rahul’s Groatta Palazzese elopement is has so much romance and elegance it is sure to inspire!

A spacial thanks to Italian Wedding Co., the Groatta Palazzese, and Niente Pose by Francesco Schiavone for sharing this exquisite elopement!

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  1. Natasha 2 months ago

    Interested in eloping at the cave restaurant just like Anna and Rahul in September 2017, could you send me information and prices please thanks

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