A Romantic Malibu Elopement | Jennifer+Adam


Malibu, California is magical and it the beaches… UNFORGETTABLE. The same can be said about Jennifer and Adam’s laid-back seaside elopement.

You can tell that Jennifer and Adam are madly in love with each other and when you add that to the beauty of Malibu Beach…. SWOOOOOON!!!

If I could describe their love in one word it would be: soulmates. They have two beautiful boys and a solid love that shows how secure they are with each other.
It did flood that night (it rained on our parade if you will 😉 ok I know, that was corny) and I was glad we were able to capture some gorgeous images to freeze all the beautiful memories they shared that day.

Alora Rachelle Photography

What We Love: A barefoot  walk on the beach before the ceremony!

Couples always seem to really relax and enjoy themselves when they are walking barefoot on the beach… And it’s wonderful!

Tips: Early-Bird catches the worm.

If you’er planning to elope on the beach (and you don’t have you heart set on a ceremony at sunset), shoot for a early morning ceremony. The crowds tend to be thinner in the early hours; this is especially true for the summer months.

A special thanks to photographer, Alora Rachell, for sharing this beautiful beach elopement!

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