A Rustic Elopement in Colorado


Known for it’s picturesque mountain views, it’s no surprise that outdoor loving couple flock to Colorado to elope. But the beauty that is Colorado doesn’t compare to this beautiful couple and the oh so adorable one year old son!

It was all smiles during this intimate rustic elopement. The couple exchanged vows in San Luis Valley after road-tripping across the country.

With the help of the fantastic elopement-friendly vendor, Two Colorado, these three enjoyed a romantic ceremony surrounded by the magic that is Colorado.

What We Love: The groom picking the bride’s bouquet.
It’s such a sweet gesture and the bouquet turned out to be simple, but very pretty!

Tips: One Great Adventure!
When planning your road-trip elopement it’s best to have your destinations planned well in advance. If your first time visiting the area your eloping in, don’t be afraid to ask the vendor(s) your working with for recommendations on places to go and things to see!

A special thanks to elopement-friendly vendor, Two Colorado, for sharing this gorgeous elopement!

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