A Rustic Tuscan Elopement | Soe+Phyu


When I think “romantic” I often seen a quilt little town or a field with scattered trees.

Soe and Phyu’s is the perfect example of the kind of romance. Their ceremony takes place under a large Oak Tree in Tuscany, Italy. The surrounding fields and town are so peaceful and serene, it’s like something out of a fairy tail!

From Soe:

We always dreamed of our wedding as a simple and romantic occasion in a peaceful location. And our dream came true when we saw the Oak Tree on the edge of wood in lovely Tuscany. We love everything about this place….very quiet with birds singing around the tree, naturally beautiful setting, little cottage nearby…..it is a world away from our busy lives in the city.

Nothing can replace the emotion we had walking to the Oak Tree and exchanging our vows underneath it. We will cherish these memories forever.

Our humble advice to couples planning for their wedding?…..Just go with you hearts, no matter what other people think or say. This is your wedding day and you have to enjoy it like we did ours.

What We Love: TUSCANY!
Italy is one of the most beautiful elopement destinations in the world and Tuscany is it’s crown jewel. The landscape makes for a perfect backdrop to Soe and Phyn’s ceremony.

Tips: Go off the beaten path.
Often, when couples have a destination elopement, they choose places that are popular. But there are all kinds of places that waiting to be discovered. So take the road less traveled and you might find a place that is truly magical!

A Special Thanks To:
Facibeni Fotografia // Photography
Giuseppe Rossi // Officiant
Manolo Blahnik // Bride’s Shoes
Erika Professional Hair // Bride’s Hair
Martina Novi // Bride’s Makeup
Malgeri Group // Catering

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