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Meet Sun Diego Photo; photography as creative and beautiful as the city of San Diego itself.


San Diego; home of sun, surf, and some of the best Mexican food outside of Mexico (which is right next door, btw). A town field with so much art, culture, and Sun Diego Photo.

I don’t know, maybe it is because I was born and raised in San Diego (and where I’m currently living) that makes that makes me so eager to sing it praises. I have yet to see another city that’s quite like it. San Diego is unique and very beautiful and I see so much of that beauty in Sun Diego Photo‘s work.

Weather aside, San Diego has the perfect balance of desert rustic charm and sophisticated city style. So when I tell you that Sun Diego Photo‘s photography is as beautiful San Diego itself, that should give you some idea how beautiful Sun Diego Photo‘s photography really is.

I love what I do…to capture the right moment is special. – Ce Conner

Ce and Steve are an awesome husband and wife photography powerhouse with 14 years experience between them. Ce has won oodles of awards, internationally, for her jaw-dropping photography and having eloped herself she knows how important photography is. So when it comes capturing all of the precious moments there’s not need to worry; your (little) big day is in good hands!

So, if you are planning to elope in the beautiful city that is San Diego and you what photography as beautiful as the city itself, Sun Diego Photo is here for you.

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