A Sweet Elopement in San Diego | Danielle+Matt


From Gillian Martin of L&B Photography:
Danielle and Matt are from two different worlds. He’s from Northern California and she is all the way from Staten Island, New York. They met when they both moved to San Diego for work. While, they never noticed each other at work, seeing one other at a work event at a Padres game made them see each other in a whole new light.

Their May 14th, 2016 elopement took place on the water in San Diego Bay at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina. Only immediate family and a few friends were in attendance and their maid of honor was their doberman pincer. Danielle wore an antique lace tea length dress, a 9 foot veil and vintage blue heels while Matt wore a sharp blue suit with brown wingtips. And, of course their dog had the sweetest little flower boutonniere tied on her collar. The chic simplicity was something straight out of Mad Men.

While we only had an hour for the first look, ceremony, family photos and couples portraits, we were able to capture some amazing photos with the beautiful San Diego skyline in the background; highlighting the city that brought them together. And although the day was a little misty and gloomy, their love for each other shined bright.
After they had a intimate lunch at San Diego’s Stone Brewery were they celebrated and drank their favorite craft beers.

What We Love: The City of San Diego!
As a San Diego native (and the birth place of Simply Elope), I will always have a soft spot for this place. There are so many beautiful locations to hold a ceremony! For more on some of San Diego’s most beautiful elopement locations, check out Boldly Go!: The Best Places to Elope in California.

Tips: Elopement Planning Services are here to help!
If you are planning to tie the knot in San Diego the best thing to do is find an elopement planning service to help. San Diego might not look it, but it’s big and if you don’t know your way around it can get a little daunting and that’s where elopement planning services come in!

A Special Thanks To:
L&B Photography // Photography
Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina // Venue
Stone Brewery // Reception Venue

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