The Grooms Book| A “Must Have” Fashion Guide

In all of my years in the wedding industry (and there are quite a few) there are two things I can say for sure; first, grooms are underrepresented; second, whether you are eloping or going full on wedding a good guide is hard to find and for the first time I have come across something that is an excellent guide FOR THE GROOM!

The Grooms BookGrooms: A Professional Stylist’s Guide to Wedding Day Apparel for Every Budget is exactly what it says it is and so much more. Not only does this guide give grooms step by step instructions on how to pull off the perfect look for their (little) big day, but there are also stunning visuals and tips and tricks that will have any type of groom dressing like a pro.

The “Grooms Book” keeps every groom in mind; from the “classic groom” to the “rustic groom”, this guide has them all covered! On a budget? The Grooms Book is here to help. Want something kinda casual, but kinda flashy? This guide to perfect groom fashion has got you covered. Grooms: A Professional Stylist’s Guide to Wedding Day Apparel for Every Budget puts everything a grooms needs to know about wedding day fashion at their fingertips and it’s GREAT!

Donnell Baldwin and Courtney Arrington-Baldwin, along with uber talented photographer, Alea Lovely, have put together the ultimate guide to groom fashion. Donnell and Courtney have done a excellent job breaking down each style type, explaining how to achieve each look and giving tips on how to make each look unique to every taste, type and budget. I, personally, have never seen a guide this gorgeous and genuinely helpful, not just for grooms, but for anyone who is looking to up their fashion game. Grooms: A Professional Stylist’s Guide to Wedding Day Apparel for Every Budget is definitely a must have.

To find out more about this awesome guide, visit This site has more on the Donnell and Courtney, as well as, a behind the scenes look at how this awesome guide came together. And don’t forget to head over to Amazon to pickup your very own copy! Trust me, you won’t regret it!


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