The Way Out: Wedding

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It’s no secret that that a lot of couples that elope are adventure seekers. That is one of the best parts about eloping; any place can be a ceremony location when you elope!Simply Elope has featured elopements in desert canyons, dry lakes, on safari, and in the deep woods. BUT! We have never seen an elopement as hardcore as Andrew and his wife’s.

Four days of skydiving, climbing, motor biking and flying in the middle of the desert. Followed by my elopement



So much going on and it is all so BEAUTIFUL! If you are an adventure and are looking for ways to include your love for it into you elopement, then this elopement is example on how to do it and do it well!

“To be wild with love and crazy for adventure, together let’s change the world.”
– Mr. and Mrs. Levy

A Special Thanks To:
DTproductions | Nikki Lane | McKenzi Dye
Buxton | Cicada Rhythm  | Davis Harwell  | Kalen Nash
Film Locations within Bureau of Land Management, Moab Field Office: Fisher Towers, Kane Creek, Mineral Bottom Canyon


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