True Romance | Alex and Matt

Jun 14, 2016
Paris, France

How we met:

We met at a bar when I asked him to move out of the way so I could get a drink. It certainly wasn’t love at first sight as he gave me a scolding look for asking him to move. Moments later he tapped me on the shoulder and ever so smoothly asked, “How’s your night going?” From there we were inseparable. Proposal: We had a French dinner at a little posh style restaurant at the edge of Ocean Beach, San Diego. After, we walked on the beach at sunset and that’s when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He said we’ve always been a good team and he wanted to me my teammate for life.

How we envisioned our elopement:

The most important moment of our elopement was enjoying each other during it. I wanted no stress and lots of love. I didn’t want to fuss over the little things but take time to breath, smile and love every moment. I wanted to always remember the smell of the wine we drank while taking pictures, the feel of the sun on our skin as we walked hand in hand, the look of the tower beautifully surrounded by fireworks. It was everything we envisioned and more. Our style vision: Our style was modern but classic. I loved the buttons on my dressed that went all the way to the floor but the fit was very modern and figure hugging. His Dolce and Gabbana suit was hand stitched and extra slim cut.

Our favorite moment:

My favorite moment was my husband popping the champagne! We faced Pierre for the photo and the cork went flying right past Pierre’s head! Pierre captured it perfectly from my shocked face to hunched over laughing! It’s such a funny set of photos that’s made for a great story to our friends and family. Our advice: Enjoy it! It goes by so fast and at the end you realize nothing else matters but you and your spouse. I love that I really took it in. I took time to enjoy the people who congratulated us in the streets, look in the windows of the stores we passed (which was also a great photo), just enjoyed being the bride. Eloping allowed us to just be us and that’s what joining in marriage should be, a day surround with your love and your spouse. Our honeymoon: We traveled Europe after the wedding for our honeymoon and it was amazing! We especially loved London. We already agreed to come back to Paris for our 20th though!

A Special Thanks To:
Paris Photographer Pierre // Photographer
Shangri-La Paris // Venue
Dolce & Gabbana // Groom’s Attire
Oleg Cassini // Dress Designer


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