True Romance | Ayla and Mike

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July 4th, 2014
Austin, Texas

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My husband and I eloped last week on July 4th in Austin, TX. We live about an hour away from Austin at Fort Hood, where my husband, Mike, is currently stationed. We don’t really know anyone here at base but have a few friends in Austin from our previous involvement in the music industry so we decided to elope in Austin so we could invite the two people that we know to be witnesses. 🙂

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We decided to exchange vows outside of the Capitol Building next to the Tyler Rose Garden. Our judge was 15 minutes late… as if I wasn’t sweating enough in the 98 degree weather! But he made it! Our photography Adrian was there before we were, and was really awesome to work with – during our 15 minutes of panicking, he was already looking through his phone to find all the officiants he knew of in the area.

We took photos after we exchanged vows around the Capitol Building and at one of our favorite spots in Austin, the HOPE Outdoor Gallery, and open graffiti park. Well… technically you’re supposed to apply for a permit to spray paint on the walls there, but we just risked it! We spray painted the walls with “#mikeayla2015”, the hashtag we will use for guests to instagram and tweet about our ceremony next year. Invitees can also use this hashtag over the next year to keep up with our preparation for the ceremony (i.e. cake tastings, elopement pictures, etc.)

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It got up to 100 degrees as we were walking around the city taking photos so we made a pit stop at 7-11 to get watermelon slurpees and mustache straws (we added these to our photos!).

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Photography by Adrian Gutierrez Photography


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