True Romance | Cindy and John

Kauai, Hawaii
November 5, 2014

We picked the location because during our first trip to Kauai, it was when my husband was to propose. However, our relationship was going through some hardship at that time so instead of a memorable trip with proposal the first time, it turned into a trip where it could’ve been our last. After we returned home, we tried very hard to work through our hardships and our relationship fortunately bounced back and 7 months later, he finally proposed and I said YES! where the first time around, it may not have been the same ending. But we felt even stronger bond after what we went through and to have the relationship bounced back and feelings rebuild, it’s like we fell in love all over again…hence we decided to elope in Kauai not only because we both fell in love with the island the first time but more so, what’s better than having a happy ending where we could’ve had a not so happy one..? So viola!

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My husband John and I are very strong individuals who have different taste and style. I’m very fortunate that most of the time, he does agree to do things my way but I do reciprocate so it isn’t one sided as I understand it is a give and take in a healthy relationship. 🙂 His parents also have views on how they see our wedding and after several debates plus financial restraints, we finally decided elopement was our best option. We would be able to focus on us, on our vows on one of the most important day of our lives instead of focusing on others, the venue, the guests, etc. We are however hosting a small reception later this year to pay our respect to our family and close friends who were not with us on that day. We’ve also videotaped our small ceremony to share hoping it will make them feel like they were present with us at that very moment.

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I think and I’m sure many couples have already said and not trying to sound cliche is each other. I would not be able to ever step foot on the island of Kauai, HI without thinking of my now husband no matter what our future holds. It will always have a soft spot in my heart and there was a sense of peacefulness and the no stress factor to please everyone else is what I love the most about our elopement. We had met some of the most amazingly wonderful people on this trip as well that absolutely tied the whole experience for us. Because of that, John and I are forever humbled.

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Cinematography by Noelle M. Smith Super 8 Films


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