True Romance | Claire+Craig

February 18, 2015
New York City
City Hall and The Russian Tea Room
JC Lemon Photography

We chose City Hall as we both loved NYC and it was so easy to do it there. Coming from Glasgow Scotland it seemed very romantic to head of to New York in the winter without anyone knowing what we were doing.

This was my second marriage and we had been together for seven years, neither of us wanted a big wedding and although Craig is an only child and very sociable, he doesn’t like to be centre of attention. We didn’t want the pressure and the expense of organising a wedding in a hotel that we didn’t really like. Craig was also working in Azerbejan at the time therefore we weren’t seeing each other regularly and decided that now was the right time to marry, no engagement or anything we just thought now or never. New York seemed like the most romantic location and practical choice.

We both loved the day, it went exactly to plan, I had pre registered and we had spent a few hours previously at CIty Hall the day before going through everything. There was a fantastic florist next to our hotel as I really wanted still to have a bouquet and craig to have a button hole. We ordered the flowers a few days before the wedding and craig collected them on the morning and they were perfect. Our hotel NYLO upgraded us and we had this amazing balcony looking out to the Hudson and the snow had laid therefore it was really picturesque. I really wanted my hair and make up done and researched providers before.

The photographer was a must for us as we wanted to be able to look back on the day and as it was just the two of us, we had to have a photographer to share it with family. JC Lemon was fantastic exactly what we wanted, he captured us at the hotel getting ready, traveled with us in the yellow cab and took such natural yet intimate shots at City Hall before we headed to Brooklyn. All of the photos were great and really captured how we felt. In the evening we set off through new york still in our wedding outfits to the Russian Tea Rooms, again just the two of us an laughed and were congratulated by lovely people who seemed genuinely happy for us.


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