True Romance | Colbi and Dan

June 28, 2015
St. Regis Deer Valley
Park City, Utah
Photographer and Guest Blogger: Logan Walker Photography

Did you do a First Look before the ceremony? If you did or if you didn’t have your groom see you in your dress before your ceremony, what influenced that decision and how do you feel about it now that the wedding is over?

We chose not to do a first look. The first time Dan saw me in my wedding dress, I was walking down the aisle. I am so glad we chose to do it this way. We both wanted that first moment we set eyes on each other to be right as the ceremony started. I wouldn’t have done it any other way!

Was there a decor theme for the ceremony?

We wanted to keep the ceremony and reception décor simple, yet elegant. Because we were getting married outside with the gorgeous Deer Valley mountains as our backdrop, we didn’t need much décor. I chose ivory and champagne colors for the flowers to keep the elegance of a small, simple wedding.

Why did you pick that location for your ceremony?

We love Park City! Dan lived in Park City the first year we were dating and I flew down often to see him. We knew we wanted to spend a few days having fun and relaxing with our family in Park City for the wedding. We chose the St. Regis because of its privacy and natural beauty. The location provided us with the quiet and quaint atmosphere we were looking for.

Did someone escort you down the aisle?

Yes, my Dad walked me down the aisle on my wedding day and it was one of the greatest moments of my life. I felt so lucky to have him with me that day.

Favorite ceremony memory?

I don’t know how to pick just one! Haha! The moment I walked out and saw our families there with huge smiles on their faces was a truly great moment for me. But when the Rev. pronounced us husband and wife, and I FINALLY got to kiss that gorgeous man standing in front of me… every nervous feeling I had just slipped away and I felt pure bliss.

Talk to me about the [Reception] decor! [This is THE most important question!!!]Where did you get the inspiration for your color palette and design?

Thank goodness for Pinterest! Haha! Because we were doing such a small wedding, I wanted everything to enhance the feeling of a wedding day. That’s why I chose mostly white, ivory and champagne colors. I think the soft pallets and hint of sparkle greatly enhanced the romantic atmosphere of our wedding.

Were there any Do it Yourself (DIY) projects? If so, can you describe them in detail?

I ordered my table runners on Etsy.

Location, location, location!

Wine Vault in the St. Regis Deer Valley. This was such a great place for a small wedding dinner or reception. The atmosphere provided a very intimate feeling, which is exactly what we were hoping for.

where did you have your rehearsal dinner?

Zoom, a Sundance Resort Restaurant in Park City. It was the perfect outdoor patio spot for a group of 15-20. The even had a live band playing that evening which made it even more fun.

What was the weather like on your wedding day?

Hot and Sunny! It was unusually hot in Park City the weekend we got married. But I’ll take too much sun and heat over rain and wind on a wedding day. 😉

What you would have done differently, if anything?

I wish had visited the St Regis and had a chance to meet with the resort’s event manager prior to the morning of my wedding. We were surprised to find out that the resort had planned a “Sunday Summer BBQ” at the same time and near the same location as our ceremony. Because of that we had to change ceremony sites just a few hours before the wedding and it added a lot of unnecessary stress to the day.

Any advice you have for future brides?

I wish I had been more relaxed and taken time to enjoy and absorb every moment of the day. The wedding is only one day out of your entire life. It’s so short and goes by so fast. There are precious moments that I can’t even recall because I was concerned over things that didn’t matter at the end of the day, but seemed monumental at the time.

Three things you’re glad you did:

1. Had a small wedding with just our immediate family.
2. Had a destination wedding not too far away from home; everyone got a little vacation out of it and we were able to check out from our everyday lives a little easier.

How did you choose your vendors?

The St Regis provided a list of preferred and local vendors in the Park City and Salt Lake area. I did a little online research and spoke with some of the vendors on that list before deciding which ones to go with. Each vendor I chose to work with was so incredibly helpful and even offered advice and recommendations that made it easier for me to plan other areas of the wedding outside their realm of expertise.

What is your very best advice to other brides?

No matter how much planning you do, some things will be different than you imagined them to be. Try not to take these changes too seriously and remember that at the end of the day you will be married to the person you love most in this world. If you knew then what you know now… I would make more time for the spa! Haha!

Dress designer: James Cameron | Bridal salon: Versa Artistry | Shoes: Vince Camuto
Makeup Artist: I did my own makeup using MAC makeup products.
Ring Designer: Vanessa Nicole Jewels, San Diego, CA
The Hottie You Married Clothes: Hugo Boss three-piece suit in charcoal with a white shirt, ivory tie and ivory pocket square. | Ring designer: Hal Davis Jewelers, Boise
Ceremony music: Eric Anthony | Officiant: Reverend Craig Gordon
Ceremony Location: St. Regis Deer Valley out an area of the patio. We were able to close off the library doors as a waiting and lounge area during the ceremony time.
Floral Artist: Artisan Blooms, Park City | Caterer: J&G Grill at the St Regis
Band or Musicians: I created a playlist to be played over the house speakers for our reception dinner in the wine vault.
First Dance Song: I’ll Be by Edwin McCain
Number of guests: 15

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  1. Logan Walker 1 year ago

    Thank you so so much Adrianne for the beautiful feature! I am so happy Colbi’s wedding can inspire other brides who are planning to elope!

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