True Romance | Deann and Cris


August 28, 2015
Sundance Resort, Utah
Pepper Nix Photography

How did you and your spouse meet?
We had originally worked for the same company.

Who proposed marriage and how did that proposal happen?
Cris proposed to me in the Galápagos Islands. We were at the top of a lookout, while on a morning run. He started to sing the song Marry Me, by Train, and then when I looked at him confused, he got down on one knee, and said: this is a real proposal, Sweetheart, will you marry me?

Describe your bridal attire. (gown, accessories, hair/makeup-overall look) :
Simple, classic, timeless.

What inspired the wedding day outfits?
We wanted something that in 50 yrs, would still be fabulous.

Did you do a First Look before the ceremony? If you did or if you didn’t have your groom see you in your dress before your ceremony, what influenced that decision and how do you feel about it now that the wedding is over?
Dee-We did not do a first look for tradition.
Cris- I would not have changed our decision. I believe seeing Dee in her dress for the first time when the ceremony begins is a magical moment.

Why did you pick that location for your ceremony?
Sundance [Resort] is special to us because that was our first real travel experience together.

Who and why did you pick that escort?
My brother- the best example of a true sacrifice for one’s family.

How many bridesmaids?
Only a Matron of Honor, my sister.

Favorite ceremony memory?
Cris- when she said her vows to me.
Dee- when the sun peaked out from behind the clouds and shined on us. It was like God gave us His blessing.

Where did you get the inspiration for your color palette and design?
Blue is my favorite color, green is Cris’ favorite color. Simple 🙂

Describe your wedding flowers:
Blue hydrangeas, with Calle lilies, white roses, and greenery.

Wedding favors:
Bracelets from Rustic Cuff for the women, Leather wallets with names from Heritage Weddings for the men.

What brand new elements did you bring to the day?
I had a journal that I started after Cris and I got engaged. I gave it to him after the ceremony. We will continue writing in it, documenting significant events in our life together.

What was the weather like on your wedding day?
It rained until about an hour before, and then it was perfect.

What were some personal details you incorporated?
Instead of doing sand, we did dirt from our native state.. And because we are trail runners, that made it special.

Any advice you have for future brides?
Don’t make it complicated, the simpler, the more of a chance you will enjoy your day.

What was the best piece of wedding advice you got?
Make it what you want, not anyone else’s.

How was your wedding different than you imagined it would be (less than 30 words)?
It went by quickly, although it was small, and easy to coordinate. Everyone had a good time.
If you knew then what you know now… Don’t stress, you are still getting hitched.

A Special Thanks To:
Pepper Nix Photography // Photography and Guest Blogger
Sundance Resort // Ceremony and Accommodations
Brent Deffenbaucher // Officiant
Carries Cakes // Cake Designer
Whole Foods // Flowers
Foundry Grill // Reception
David’s Bridal // Dress
Versa Artistry // Hair and Makeup
Vince Camuto // Bride’s Shoes
Jack Sutton Fine Jewelry of New Orleans // Bride’s Ring
Nordstrom // Bridal Jewelry and Matron of Honor’s Dress
Hugo Boss // Groom’s Attire
Rings by Johan // Groom’s Ring

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