True Romance | Janelle and David

June 26, 2015
New York City, New York

Looking back at what seems like the craziest past two years of my life, I am overwhelmed with joy. Before I met David I was settled in my ways of being a single and independent woman. I was living in a loft that was my proud living and office space for my photography business. My priorities in life were strictly work and hanging out with friends. Looking back on those days I just can’t believe the transformation. David and I met online which isn’t the most romantic circumstance. However, ever since that moment of him entering my life I have never loved nor felt loved in this way before. Shortly after learning who David really is, I knew that my life was about to change.

How many times have you heard, “When you meet the right person you just know”? I’ve heard it so many times I began rolling my eyes at the saying. But after what I’ve been through with David in such a short amount of time, that saying is a fact. Not that this was a story book romance. David and I were friends from the start. Adventures just began happening. To a surprise carnival themed birthday party, to getting my first tattoo, to spelunking, traveling to Greece, skydiving, and watching my first NBA basketball game. Then sparks began to arise and when that moment reaches you it engulfs you entirely. You are immersed in tenderness, warmth, and safety that you can call one another your family without being related. Or at least until a marriage proposal occurs. And that it did.

David and I started dating March of 2014, 9 months later were engaged, 5 months later got pregnant, and 4 months later eloped with our immediate family and closest friends in upstate New York. Now we look forward to having our first child, Lily in November followed by a formal celebration with more friends and family in 2016.That being said, we may have crossed everything wedding tradition line. We fell in love fast, got pregnant, and eloped! We’re an interracial couple that thrives through creativity and art. David is a fine artist and I am a photographer. I think of all these things and I appreciate our unique history and qualities. The rollercoaster of a timeline has done nothing but make us stronger and love each other more. I know future obstacles will only bring us closer. One obstacle we’re really looking forward to is the arrival of our daughter, Lily. I couldn’t be any happier for the adventure of our lives together as a family.

David built the frames, table, flower vases, and drew the cartoons. He drew us as well as our dog, that we have probably have an unhealthy obsession with. I designed all of the signage as well as came up with the concepts of the interior design. Green Couch Studios took the majority of the photographs. Coriale Flowers provided the bright, beautiful flowers. Bite Bakery and Cafe made us the delicious cake with red sparkling stripes. Hair and Makeup was done by the lovely Stephanie Lisi Orsomarso of Tease and Makeup. And the event was coordinated by Danielle Padula of Bella’s Event Planning.

Photography by Janelle Rodriguez Photography and Green Couch Studios.

A special thanks to:
Bella’s Event Planning | Bite Bakery and Cafe
Coriale Flowers | Tease & Makeup


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