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April 16, 2015
Po’olenalena Beach, Hawaii

We had visited Maui twice together and fell in love with this beach. It was less crowded than other beaches and once we decided on a destination wedding we both knew it would be on Po’olenalena Beach in the little rocky alcove.

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The only challenge was to get the coveted spot. Since it’s a public beach there could have been families or other weddings using the same area I had envisioned getting married. I made sure the guys knew it was their job to hold that spot down! I knew there was a possibility it wouldn’t work out the way I imagined and that I may have to adapt to a different location. But, the reason you’re there is not for the specific location but for the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with. Don’t lose sight of the reason you’re there!

Our wedding was very low key. I wanted to be relaxed and to not worry about a million tiny details. We had a handful of our family and friends there, we wrote our own vows, and it felt very intimate. It was very special to both Grant and I and everything seemed to fall into place. The backdrop for all of our pictures was amazing, our photographers made us feel comfortable, our family supported the entire event, really I couldn’t have asked for more.

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Our wedding was DIY chic. We didn’t have any decorations, we didn’t make anyone dress in a certain color, I made my own bouquet with native Hawaiian flowers, I wore flip flops, I did my own hair and makeup. We are very non-fussy folks and I wanted it to be easy and natural.

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I wrote my vows in about a week and changed them about 10 times. Grant wrote his in 20 minutes (he knew what he wanted to say, but hadn’t written it on paper) on the day of the wedding. I was a little worried, but his were just as, if not more beautiful than mine. We are definitely very different creatures and I kept that in mind when I was worried he wouldn’t get his vows done.

Photography by Mykle Coyne


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