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March 25, 2016
Alice Bay Bed and Breakfast, Samish Island
Skagit County, Washington
Kate Price Photography

We love the rural Skagit County, and we love exploring the beautiful area. We travel 65 miles from Seattle every weekend to relax and hangout. Samish Island is so unique because you can drive there, but is considered one of the inland San Juan Islands. It is close to my dad, and it was important that he could make it one such short notice.

We wanted to elope because we are simple people and having a small wedding is part of being authentic to ourselves. We aren’t flashy, we don’t fuss about the details, and we like to save money for future real estate deals. All we wanted was a beautiful place to share our promises with each other, and that’s why I like the idea of a simple elopement.

We had to have our wedding on the 25th, because that’s our date-iversary date. Once a month, we draw/create/craft love letters to each other and write the sweetest love notes. So the tradition continued on our wedding day with our most important love letter, our eternal vows. Our ceremony included us reading our vows to each other, and having every guest participate with a short speech. It was more conversational like, and very enjoyable to interact with all five guests in an intimate manner.

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