True Romance | Kimberly and Edmund

Kim & Eddie Elopement-268

May 5th, 2015
Cabo da Roca, Portugal

Eddie is 50% Portuguese and was adopted at 6 years old. We both had never left the country and Portugal was on our radar since Eddie wanted to learn more about his heritage. Once I did my research, I fell in love with our photographers and the country. They ended up finding the perfect place for our ceremony in Sintra – Cabo da Roca!

Eddie and I have been together for almost 5 years. We’ve gone through living in 2 states, 4 apartments, long distance for a summer, 2 fur babies and a few career moves. We would really love to start a family, and I wanted to change my last name. 🙂

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We realized that 1. money isn’t everything, and thus not receiving an engagement ring wouldn’t be the end of the world to me. He is going through a new career move, and just can not financially afford one. And supporting what he loves to do rather than what makes the most is very important.

2. The same day we were discussing engagement rings, we also were discussing “If” statements about our dream wedding. Where, size, food etc. No matter where we would have decided, people would be inconvenienced and had to spend quite a bit to see us get married. My family, and a majority or our friends live in Florida, while Eddie’s family Live in Massachusetts.(Where we live) It would have gotten expensive for our guests that the wedding would have become a burden, and we would never want our wedding to be seen that way.

3. I wanted a very intimate small, wedding (just attended my best friends wedding and I was 1 of 8 bridesmaids, and over 300 people attended, just way to crazy for me) and both of our families would have wanted everyone to be invited. The list would have been over 150 guests, and again, that is not what we wanted.

After these reasons and a beautiful -out of the blue proposal (with a pretend ring). We both decided that eloping would be the BEST decision for us as well as our family. This day was OUR day and it doesn’t matter what everyone else wants, its what we want for our life.

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After we decided to elope, we both knew that we wanted to do a destination elopement. We ended up taking 2 weeks to explore Portugal (mainland and the Azore Islands) Besides being in each others company, we absolutely loved the history of the places we went to. We took photos at the Palacio de Monserrate, originally built in 1246, with additions in the 17th century and then restored in the 19th century.

Kim & Eddie Elopement-286 Kim & Eddie Elopement-298 Kim & Eddie Elopement-336 Kim & Eddie Elopement-343 Kim & Eddie Elopement-348 Kim & Eddie Elopement-353 Kim & Eddie Elopement-364 Kim & Eddie Elopement-366 Kim & Eddie Elopement-368 Kim & Eddie Elopement-400 copy Kim & Eddie Elopement-411

The grounds are so beautiful and romantic. Then our ceremony was at Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Europe, it was known as the “Edge of the World.” We loved tying Portugal’s history into our own. One thing that we had to have for our elopement was a way to represent our families while we were doing this. So with Eddie’s help, I created my own bouquet charms, 4 in total. One for my family(state of Florida with a heart), his family(the Swedish horse), our fur babies(photo charm that was two sided), and one for us(we met at Fossil, so I had 4 old keys put together).

Photography by Piteira Photography


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