True Romance| Kristi and Luke

October 22, 2015
Chester County Courthouse
West Chester, Pennsylvania
Pat Robinson Photography

My husband and I were planning the traditional Philadelphia area big wedding when my father died unexpectedly. Life sometimes has a funny way of forcing you to take a step back and a re-evaluate all of the important things in life. We both could not stand the thought of him not being there. My father was my best friend because I am only child and he raised me alone, so our big upcoming wedding was starting to mean nothing knowing he was gone. We pushed the date back a few month and took some time to breathe. One night we were both sitting on the couch and just looked at each other, at that moment it was just as if a light bulb went off! Being together and being married was more important than any party. We decided together to have a private wedding with just the two us. No fuss, no muss. Nothing lavish, but something just as beautiful. It was a beautiful day and we wouldn’t have changed a single thing about it. I’m truly happy that I get to spend the rest of my life with someone who has been there with me through the best and the worst times of my life.

We wanted to keep many traditional elements even though it was private and small. So he wore a tux, and I wore a white dress. I had a beautiful bouquet made, and most importantly we hired a photographer to capture the memories of that day. Pat Robinson was seriously the greatest choice we could have ever made (besides choosing to marry each other).

People are still asking me why we chose to elope after we spent so much time planning the big wedding. They are always curious as to what made us change our minds. Simply, love is more important than any party could ever be.

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