True Romance | Lisa and Anthony

October 07, 2015
Gershon Fox Ballroom, Connecticut

Anthony & I met at my best friend’s wedding. I saw a picture of Anthony and asked if I could walk with the cute groomsman. She said yes! From the first time we met I knew that we would be something. We chatted for about 6 months and soon after that we started dating!

Anthony and I had been together 3 years when we got engaged and planned the big wedding for 2016… which was going to be 2 and a half years from then. Within the year we decided we didn’t want to wait any longer so we planned an elopement.

We choose October 7 because we found out while dating both sets of our parents were married on October 7 of different years!!!!! So we eloped on October 7 and we’re still going to have our larger wedding next year.

Planning the elopement was super fun because it really was just for us and our immediate family. We loved the idea of a city hall wedding as we wanted nothing to crazy. City Hall in Hartford is gorgeous and made for an amazing backdrop to say I do!

Marquee Events & Catering is an amazing venue and we knew right away that their upstairs room would be perfect for the size of our party. My grandma worked at G Fox which is now the Gershon Fox Ballroom and that meant a lot to me that it made me feel as if she was there since she is no longer with us.

My dress went perfectly with Marquee as they have a 20’s look and the dress is completed beaded with pearls and crystals. It was romantic and I loved the train with open back!

Tips for eloping:
Make it all about you and your fiancé! I am a wedding planner and I find most my couples are constantly telling me, ‘well my family wants____.’

While planning, I took what my fiancé envisioned (small and personal) and my vision of good food and amazing desserts with a gorgeous backdrop! Be comfortable with the vendors your choose. Love the vendors you choose. The vendors I worked with were very understanding of my vision and never tried to alter it.

A Special Thanks To:
Simply K Studios // Photography | Gershon Fox Ballroom // Venue
Kiss and Makeup // Bride’s Hair and Makeup
Stylish Blooms // Floral Design | Stylish Impressions // Bridal Shop

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