True Romance | Lori and Andrew


March 21, 2015
Barton Creek Greenbelt, Texas
Photo by Betsy

We hiked for about half a mile, but it was full of laughter and joy. We found some rocks overlooking the lake. The view was amazing and you could hear the water. The spot was perfect. The ceremony was short and sweet. There was talking, and laughing, and crying between all of us.

I love that Andrew and I got to write our own vows without feeling any pressure from an “audience” It was so special for us to have a friend who has known us so long to say such sweet and encouraging words. One of my favorite moments was after the ceremony we were standing on the rocks talking and laughing, and it started raining. Andrew and I have always loved the rain and it felt like a sign from the universe. Looking out over the rocks, standing with the person I love the most, and hearing the rain was such a magical moment.

After the ceremony we hiked back down to the spot where we did the first look and enjoyed some champagne and more laughing. Once we left the park we went to the nearest Mexican restaurant, in all of our muddy wedding attire, and pigged out on chips and salsa.I could not have imagined doing our wedding day any different.

My advice to anyone thinking about doing something unconventional for a wedding is to just do it! Do what fits y’all. This day isn’t about anyone but the two people getting married. Figure out what are the most important parts of a your wedding and go from there. At the end of the day as long as there is love, and laughter, and you two get exactly what you want, then it was perfect.

Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro001_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro002_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro003_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro005_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro006_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro011_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro012_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro013_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro014_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro015_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro016_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro018_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro021_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro022_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro023_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro025_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro027_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro029_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro030_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro031_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro033_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro034_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro035_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro036_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro037_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro039_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro040_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro042_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro045_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro046_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro047_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro050_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro053_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro055_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro057_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro058_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro059_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro061_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro064_low Sunderman_Fierro_Photo_by_Betsy_Fierro065_low


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