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September 2014
Amalfi, Italy

We literally googled “the most beautiful places on Earth” and Amalfi came up. After looking at the breathtaking photos of the landscape and charming towns, we knew we found our wedding destination.

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We are both private people and the thought of being “on stage” all day at a traditional large wedding seemed terrifying and exhausting. We also wanted our wedding and the preparation for it to be as focused on us and our marriage as possible. With eloping, we didn’t worry about bridesmaid dress colors, which family member was upset at the other, and to be frank, the expense of a large wedding. Instead we used our time to prepare for our marriage (different from the wedding) and used our funds to have the trip of a lifetime…with the photos to prove it!

Marie & Xavier_0021Marie & Xavier_0022 Marie & Xavier_0024 Marie & Xavier_0025 Marie & Xavier_0026 Marie & Xavier_0027

After our marriage ceremony, the first thing we did as newlyweds was to share a gelato together at a small cafe – in full wedding gown and suit. Many townspeople stopped and congratulated us on our marriage. I felt like we were in a romantic movie. It was a magical. To capture the moment, our absolute “must have” for our elopement was top-level professional photography. Our photographer told a story with her photos. She’s truly an artist with the beautiful imagery she captured of our wedding. We are so proud to share our photographer’s “story of us” with all our friends and family back home.

Marie & Xavier_0030 Marie & Xavier_0035 Marie & Xavier_0043 Marie & Xavier_0044 Marie & Xavier_0045 Marie & Xavier_0048

Elopement Planning by The Amalfi Experience
Photography by JoAnne Dunn Photographers

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  1. Laura 2 years ago

    STUNNING photography, wow! Thanks for sharing!


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