True Romance | Natalie and Levi


Spirit of Aloha Oceanfront Botanical Gardens
Maui, Hawaii
Planner and Guest Blogger: Crystal Adair-Benning of Distinct Occasions
Photographer: Angie Diaz Photography

What was your inspiration/theme/vision behind your wedding day?

As corny as it sounds, our inspiration was our love. We wanted to mark our 10th anniversary with a celebration, where we honoured our love and commitment to one another. Where we reflected on everything we’ve been through, ups and downs, and be proud of the relationship we have built.

How would you describe the wedding planning process?

The wedding planning process was super simple and easy for us, thanks to our amazing Wedding Planner Crystal Adair-Benning from Distinct Occasions! It was so smooth and we got everything we wanted thanks to her. The process was amazingly painless which is all due to her expertise, she knows what she is doing!

What did you DIY?


What was the best decision you made?

To leave our dream day in the hands of Crystal!

What is your advice to other couples planning their wedding right now?

Be true to who you are and what you want. Never mind what everyone else may want or is expecting of you. The day is a reflection of your relationship, not of anyone or anything else.

What were the highlights of the day?

It really is hard to pinpoint specific moments. The entire day was spectacular and dreamy. More than we could have ever hoped for!

But to try…. finally becoming Mr & Mrs at sunset, in the gardens was absolutely amazing!

And something that caught me off guard just because I really didn’t have any expectations for it, was how lovely and sincere all of our vendors were. It was a pure joy to be surrounded by such amazing and kind people. To be able to share such a personal and genuine experience with complete strangers, yet not feel like they were strangers at all – has left me kind of speechless and I simply adore each and every one of them. The experience has definitely left a mark on me – above and beyond the joy of finally marrying the love of my life. (I know, cue the groans!)

From the Crystal Adair-Benning of Distinct Occasions:

I never had the chance to meet Natalie or Levi in the lead up to their nuptials. They lived in Alberta and I was in Ontario. We met 2 days prior to their wedding to take them for their marriage licence in Maui. Every Skype planning session, email, phone call and interaction was lovely. They just truly love one another and didn’t want a huge big wedding but something intimate, personal and just them. I loved that!

A Special Thanks To:
Wedding Planner & Designer: Crystal Adair-Benning of Distinct Occasions
Photographer: Angie Diaz Photography | Venue: First look: Hotel Wailea
Ceremony: Spirit of Aloha Oceanfront Botanical Gardens
Dinner: Sugar Beach Events of Hawaii | Florist: Bella Bloom Maui
Officiant: Kale from Manutea Nui E
Rentals (table, chairs, linens, etc.): Sugar Beach Events of Hawaii
Bride’s dress: Lillen Collection from Delica Bridal
Shoes: Kristin Cavallari Chinese Laundry

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