True Romance | Nicole and Shelby


December 24, 2014
Winchester, Virginia

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We were married at the old courthouse on the downtown walking mall in Winchester, Virginia. Being married there was symbolic because we spent our first date walking through the quaint shops and sharing a beer at one of the pubs. Plus the old courthouse is stunning and downtown is decorated for the holiday, which was fitting as we were married on Christmas Eve.

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Nicole and I met online. She stumbled across my profile, even though our preferences were set to local and we lived almost four hours apart! Despite the distance, and despite that the first time we met in person my dog ate her Coach purse, we’ve been happily together ever since.

Our proposal is interesting because we both proposed on the same day unknowingly! I woke Nicole at 4 in the morning and told her she had an hour to get ready. When we walked outside there was a limo waiting. Our chauffeur drove us to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia; we arrived just in time to watch the sunrise over the river and mountains. I read aloud my favorite poem, “Mouthful of Forevers” by Clementine Von Radics. I told her Harpers Ferry was symbolic because it’s where Virginia and West Virginia meet, which is our story. I told her I had her parents’ blessing, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me. Later, we headed to DC, where we had reservations at a Penthouse Suite. When we went out on the balcony and garden overlooking the city, she got down on one knee and proposed to me.

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We chose to elope because we wanted an intimate ceremony between the two of us. That’s exactly what our marriage will be, the two of us, and our ceremony reflected that. We also wanted to celebrate it together before we shared it with others. Both of our parents also had an intimate ceremony between the two of them, so in a way it almost felt like being a part of that tradition. While most of our family members are very supportive of our relationship, there are a few who don’t believe two women should get married. Eloping allowed us to focus on each other without worrying about others.

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What we loved most about the elopement was how romantic it was. We were able to be completely swept up in the moment with each other. We felt like the only two girls in the world. Something that we absolutely had to have for our elopement was Christmas decorations, which surrounded us during the ceremony and were captured in our pictures. Christmas is such a special, romantic time of the year. We wanted the Christmas decorations to reflect the time of year we chose to be married so we can be reminded of it every holiday season.

Our theme was simple and classy. We also played up that it was Christmas Eve with the decorations that surrounded us and were captured in our pictures.

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Photography by Lola Snaps Photography


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