True Romance | Paula and Jeku

April 28, 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark

Eloping in Copenhagen, Denmark was the best decision for Paula and I.

Paula and I met and fell in love in Seoul, Korea in 2014. After several months of dating I moved to Germany due to my job. We spent months in a long-distance, but committed relationship. With some unexpected turns Paula was able to get a job in Germany after 10 months.

I proposed to Paula in Verona, Italy on Valentine’s Day 2016. We knew that we both didn’t want a long engagement so we searched for ways to get married in Europe. We also realized that we wouldn’t be able to get all the family and friends we wanted to be at our wedding.

An elopement was the best decision for us despite what everyone else told us.

Believe it or not, the most difficult part of this elopement was not the elopement day itself, but the events prior. Lufthansa sent an email to Paula stating that they would be cancelling flights on April 27th, the day we were supposed to flight from Frankfurt to Copenhagen to check in with the Copenhagen Town Hall.

If we didn’t get there the day prior we would not be able to get married.
Paula and I found new flights quickly and even made arrangements for a driving plan to get to Copenhagen. That would have been a 12 hour drive for us. We were willing to do everything we could get get there on time for our special day.

With our new flights Paula and I made the decision to bring everything on board with us that we needed for our elopement day. We wanted to be able have everything we needed to get married. Everything we needed was brought on the aircraft as carry-on. Everything else could be put into check-in. This was a wise idea because our new flight was delayed and our layover didn’t get our luggage on board in time. Our luggage arrived the next day.

Despite all the hiccups we had everything we needed to get married.

Our ceremony was less than 5 minutes, but it will be the most memorable 5 minutes of our lives.

The beauty of an elopement is that the day is yours. You and your significant other are able to make the decisions without having to please everyone.

Paula and I decided to have some fun after the ceremony with a wedding bike rickshaw that took us through the city center to The King’s Gardens near Rosenborg Palace where we said our vows and had our formal photos taken.

To top off our elopement adventure we headed over to a local cupcake gallery where we enjoyed our elopement cupcakes.

A Special Thanks To:
Dadlani Jewels
Protea Weddings – Copenhagen photographer – Michael Vang
Getting Married in Denmark
Bering House of Flowers
Serenity Cupcakes
Hotel D’Angleterre
Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy

To see more of Paula and Jeku’s gorgeous Copenhagen elopement click HERE!

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