True Romance | Rebecca and William

December 22, 2014
Lubbock, Texas

We eloped on December 22, 2014, in Lubbock, Texas. We were living there at the time, having met while in college and his family is from Lubbock as well. My family and our photographer live in Dallas, and it was easy for them to travel up to meet us for the elopement, which meant the world to us!

Ultimately, we decided to elope for several reasons. My husband is in the military, and we wanted to be together as soon as we could manage, especially since he was going to be stationed several states away from Texas. We saw no reason to wait to start spending our lives together and since we’d already spent quite a bit of time apart, we were more than ready to be together on a more permanent basis. Eloping was very easy on us and on our families. We were both more than ready to call each other husband and wife, and we were way too excited to wait!

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The part we loved most about the elopement was how simple it was. There was no stress, and no hassle; it was just us, our families, some friends, and our photographer to share in the joy of the day. Our judge was funny and personable and made standing in front of people much easier. To be honest, the only things we needed were each other and our families. Aside from that, the one thing we just had to have our photographer there to capture the moments, and we are so lucky she was able to attend!

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Overall, we are so glad that we chose to elope – we still plan on having a bigger reception for our friends and other family members but being able to call each other husband and wife officially is the best feeling!

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  1. Elaine White 2 years ago

    They are a wonderful strong young couple. As beautiful inside as they are to look at. And Julie did a great job capturing their personality as a couple. Don’t you think my son has the greatest dimples! Hooyah William and Rebecca. And Think You Julie

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