True Romance | Valencia and Raymon

November 6, 2017
Scatterridge Lodge
Gatlinburg, Tennessee

We decided to elope with just a few guests for a few reasons. Planning a big wedding was becoming stressful for both of us and we were starting to lose sight of what we really wanted present in our wedding ceremony. We decided it was important to have those that mattered and supported us. One person that I always knew I wanted to have at my wedding was my last remaining grandparent, my grandfather. It was something none of my other siblings were able to experience at their weddings because my grandparents were never able to travel up to Pennsylvania since they lived in Florida and Tennessee. So I decided to take my wedding down to Tennessee so my grandfather could witness my wedding. It meant the world to me and to see him sitting in the front row was a memory I’ll always cherish. Along with my grandfather, my parents were present along with an aunt and cousin. Having such a small ceremony allowed us to focus on what really mattered. We didn’t have to worry about greeting and thanking 150+ guests. We didn’t feel rushed around. We got married in the morning on a rainy day on top of the Smoky Mountains.

What we loved the most was the intimacy and the location. With it just being us and a few guests we got to have a longer ceremony and got to just enjoy the few moments after being married without being rushed around to take pictures and run to the reception. We were able to soak in the moment and that was extremely important to us. We didn’t want a wedding day where you blinked and it was over. We didn’t want to have to rely on photos and videos to remember all the details.

Special Thanks To:
Valencia and Raymon // Bride and Groom
Scatterridge Lodge // Elopement Venue
Derek Halkett Photography // Photographer


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